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L'ECHO des MONTAGNES, dans le légitime but de vous informer, vous rappelle par une piqûre, l'article 25 des Protocoles de Toronto, qui stipule: "les dernières étapes pour être les maîtres du Monde, se rapportent à la "phase omega": destruction des récoltes, empoisonnement des produits alimentaires de consommation courante, grâce aux armes électro-magnétique et épandage aérien".

La pandémie de la grippe porcine se fait par des gouttelettes, expédiées par des avions de ligne ou militaires, grâce aux chemtrails, entre autre vecteur.

"Dear editor, I am writing with great concern over the recent chemtrail activity above the Comox Valley, and in the hopes of raising public awareness on this issue.

Over the past weeks, I have observed numerous chemtrails (trails left behind after military jets spray chemicals in the sky), which last several hours (normal jet contrails disappear after about 22 seconds). On at least a couple of days recently, almost all of the "clouds" above Courtenay were artificial (over time, chemtrails fan out, creating what appear to be long, wispy clouds).

Since the arrival of the Snowbirds, chemtrail activity has slowed considerably, presumably because there are more people watching the sky than usual, which could naturally spark a lot of questions, which the military apparently doesn't want to deal with.
In the past, CFB Comox denied the existence of these chemtrail operations (Google Comox Chemtrails for more information). "Although chemtrails have crossed the sky over Comox, B.C., a Canadian Forces spokesman at the Comox air base recently insisted that 'no such joint operation exists.'

However, doctors are puzzled by the results of hair sample analyses of sick patients on Denman Island and in Vancouver and Toronto, which show aluminum levels much higher than usual 'kitchen contaminant' levels." - Quoted from an Alive magazine article entitled Chemtrails Secret Confirmed.

We, the citizens of the Comox Valley, have the right to breathe clean air, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery without these ugly lines in our skies. We have the right to raise our children here, without fear they are being slowly poisoned. Furthermore, we have the right to know exactly what is being sprayed on us, almost daily it seems, as well as why we are being sprayed in the first place.

If you have further questions, the number for CFB Comox Wing Operations is 250-339-8231. I have also started a blog with photos and further information on chemtrails. The address is".

Tanya MacDonald,

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