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L'ECHO des MONTAGNES vous publie la lettre du combattant de l'amiante de CENSIER, M.MICHEL LANGINIEUX.Un vrai génocide que CENSIER!!!!

Faites circuler cette lettre , merci:

The French dictionnary ROBERT defines the noun "genocide" as "extermination of an important group of people".
That certainly describes the hundred thousands people already dead from asbestos exposure in France. More death are in store ; an estimated 200 000 additional casualities are expected during the next 20 years.
No one seems to have any idea what to do about this disaster, let alone stop it from continuing. French officials sit by, paralysed, as more people are poisoned. No one is ready to pay the price - any price - required to look at the facts, so the situation continues on and on.
Another serious issue is that not a single employer who knew about this hazard has been forced to face his responsabilities during a hundred years. Not one was ever sent to jail. Yet Article 221-5 of the new Penal Code clearly states that "poisonning shall be punished by up to 30 years of confinement". This refers to negligent poisonning, as well as poisonning done with deliberate intend to murder. Unfortunately, no action has been taken, because no one cares. Human life is of no value, only appearances.
A state of apprehension and denial controls the French mind : willfull ignorance prevails. Perhaps that is because the French education never questions by using Socratic methods ; it instructs thru general consensus. Officials want followers, not free beings. Real human beings are hazardous for the state. They might tell the truth rather than put themselves at the mercy of corrupt politicians. The results are clear.
One of the most revealing cases lately in France concerns two builings constructed during the sixties at the university Censier la Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, which contaminated the entire surrounding area, the fith arrondissement, with high levels of abestos. Over a 45-year period, more than two million people were exposed (about 50,000 people pass by the site Censier every year). Yet nothing has been done in terms of prevention, information or warning.
An estimated 8,860 students enter the two contaminated builings each day. Not one of them has even been told. This reveals the state of French education. Students are allowed to breathe deadly fibers unknowningly, and certainly not permitted to make it known. Denial is totally accepted. "Murder at the university" has become common place at Jussieu (the other university in the fith arrondissement) and Censier. Both of these contaminated facilities demonstrate the utter incompetence of the French administration, and its complet lack of compassion. People will sicken and die for the next 40 years. Everyone already appears to be anesthesied, as cattle
ready to pop out or to take the risk.
The autorities are concealing many other cases of school and nurseries contaminated with asbestos, while unwitting parents have no choice but to keep their mouth shut.
Censier at la Sorbonne Nouvelle reveals a curious duplicity that underlies l'enseignement supérieur (university schooling) : the buildind was constructed in 1964 with not permit, which drove the Préfet de la Seine up the wall when he discovered it (we have all proofs). He pointed out "the gravity of the situation" at the time, but the National Education Ministry continued the project, bypassing the law and ignoring repeated warnings.
At the Censier construction center, an asbestos coating was sprayed onto 700 tons of steel beams with a total length of six and half kilometers, without precautions or warning ... the french way : "When you know, shut up". Students were alrerady studying in temporary buildings set up on the site of La halle aux cuirs, a former huge leather market. So the students's lungs became a secondary target after those of the construction workers. This was the first widespread on the fith arrondissement, followed by the Jussieu site built with permit.
Historicaly, asbestos had been widely known as carcinogen since 1950. "Blandin frères", a well-known company, had long since developed an asbestos-free substitute that had been used at the Orly airports, numerous RER stations, the Fiat Tower, the Défense towers, 800 schools builings, restaurants, etc.
Unfortunately, lobbyists and state officials sabotaged their invention, since money, power and nepotism have top priority here. No mention, however, of human lives. Philippe Blandin, who created the asbestos substitute became a close friend of mine. His warning was : "With asbestos, there is no compromise". There is no compromise with death either. No scholars nor politicians ever got that simple fact.
I studied at Censier from 1993 to 1997, and was exposed to high levels of abestos fibers by the billions during a renovation project that involved demolition and reconstruction of three stories with the polluted old builings, undertaken with no precautions whatever. The architects ignored the mortal risks. During their deadly project, the work was inspected. And official report was issued, stating that conditions were "satisfactory", despite gaping holes in the walls for months, where asbestos-coated beeams were clearly visible. It was signed by the Préfecture de police, the Security commission, the SOCOTEC (the official French engineering inspection agency), and the Censier autorities in charge, responsible for health and security. No word was said about asbestos, even though they knew. Ignorance and indifference are masters of the show, protected thru diplomas and perversed immunity.
So far, I have informed 30 ministers and more than 60 officials at all levels about this catastrophy, including both Président de la République CHIRAC and SARKOZY numerous times. I have written thousands on thousands letters to public officials over a 14 years period : the Police Prefect, the Renseignements généraux, the buildings inspectors, the academy Recteur, three time in urgency to the Tribunal administratif. I have warned the Procureur de la République M. MARIN and others, again and again, the Médiateur de la République and 88 (eighty eight) judges, endlessly. Not one of them took any action or even spoke out. It appears there's nobody at home. They do not want to know about it.
However, even if the people in charge don't care, they do know and know, and know, as servile as they are civil blind servants.
Morever, not one medical specialist ever warned us of the dangers, because there had been no doctor of the staff at that university for 34 years. Human life really is worthless to those people who call themselves "educators" without having a clue about the meaning of the word.
Who will educated them ? They believe education is an accumulation of knowledge. But look at them - paralysed through personnal conditioning.
With 1,500,000 employers, the National Education Ministry is the largest employer in France. They employ only 62 doctors to provide preventive medecine and care for the entire school system from kindergarten through graduate school. Its managers continue to carefully conceal innumerable hazards. Why ? Preventable accidents, contaminated people, irradiated people, increasing rates of cancer caused by environnemental contamination - all remain in the closet. Why ? It would be no different with any other situation. Let's say, if a teacher unkwowingly contracted tuberculosis and transmitted it to every student in his class, the ministry would simply pretend nothing had happened or minimise the case by saying : "It's nothing", as they did with the Tchernobyl cloud.
Censier la Sorbonne Nouvelle has contaminated the fith arrondissement numerous times during illegal projects. Not a single Paris mayor who was informed about it warned the public, including Jean Tibéri whose familly was living right across the streets. Not one newspaper blew the whistle in 13 years, including Le Monde, Paris largest daily whose office was only 200 meters away. Autorised crime has become common place in a country which keeps it a secret, no matter what happens. Hell has been breaking loose in subtle ways for the entire past century.
The Censier affair offers complete proof of this deep-seated- cultural denial. People here mainly seek escape through food and entertainement. They want the arena with no lion, just someone kicking a ball, and it satisfies them fully. All they have left is getting a kick out of watching a ball being kicked.
Both "health and security" officials at la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Françoise Chiezal and Bernard Dhooge, did continue to lie openly, assuring everyone that "There is no asbestos in Censier", as they have over the years. Worse, not a single teacher has said a word to the students. Not one of the 1,000 employers there has taken any action or filed a complaint. They have accepted poisonning and subsequent death sentences in utter complicity since I exposed this disaster, beginning on February 20, 1997.
We must deal with the real criminals, including administrators and their accomplices, by
opposing their determination to continue. Their failure to act is not only suicidal, but has jeopardised the lives of the entire student population. This is the everyday state of affairs in France, underneath the facade and fantasy.
Those same two officials and Jean-Louis Leutrat, the university president, allowed the
dangerous utility compartments (for gaz and electrical meters and controls) to be open as often as twice a month over many years with no precautions after experts had warned them not to do.
They have knowingly endangered large numbers of people. The president not only lied to his university for five years, but to the police, the Minister of Education, and a federal judge, as
thousands more students, faculty and staff were exposed every year.
These officials want to maintain their power, and may imagine they know best. But their knowledge is worthless, since they have no respect for human life. They have revealed themselves as dangerous individuals imposing their will. Under their control, change is impossible. The killing goes on as the government keeps its eyes closed. Trickery and lying are common place.
There was one brief flash of light in 1999. Michel Garnier, Director of Programs and Development
for the Ministry of Education, flatly stated before the national Committee on Health and Security that "Censier is a builing contaminated with asbestos, and it must be totally removed". This is the bottom line on Censier. He recommanded that everyone exposed be notified, examined and treated. However, he was speking at a closed meeting, and now - eleven years later - nothing has happened.
Morever, it is impossible to get any justice from the courts. My request was stuck for seven years at the Tribunal administratif until judge Joëlle Lackman, who was in charge of the case, wrote a decision to drop it all together without once using either the words "asbestos" or "danger". Corruption and ignorance are cultivated with determination here. Apparently they give those officials a sense of existence they lack.
Two full "instructional" court cases for investigation, two appeals, and two cassations (hearings of the french supreme Court) were held without any defense, dismissing the case as non-existent. None of the 20 attorneys assigned to defend the case wrote even a brief or single word, till I met Maître Alexander Faro, and we had two more investigation processes. The judge Michèle Vaubaillon has revealed herself as a hightly perverse, dangerous and manipulative judge. She betrays the law and society, only interested in advancing her career : "I do not see any danger" she does write, having full proofs in hands. She is deadly incompetent, useless and a hazard to public health.
The principle of the contradictoire, the primary law in France concerning the defense of a legal proceding, has, in this case, been routinely bypassed in favor of stupidity and organised murder.
In fact, the preliminary article of french law, concerning the balance of power between both parties, has been ignored for more than a century where asbestos is concerned. So there are no longer "two parties" in legal cases, only the criminal one. The other side, the compassion side, can shut up, behave and die.
As the I Ching says, The veil is so thick, you can see the stars at midday.
The French have not had a real war for more than 40 years, so they continue the routine by permitting the killing of their own people, and pretend nothing is happening nor has happened. The pretense is so persuasive, so well conceiled that you might not notice it at all. Yet fear and denial of responsability are hard at wok.
Our country appears unwilling to safegard its own citizens from any environmental or medical hasard. Each one is on his own, and keeping on blindly.
Since health authorities cannot make out what is concrete, they make-beleif. It has become a major national tragedy, with millions of actors wearing masks.
The chief physician for the Rectorat, Marie-Hélène Gibert, spend some years as a member of the "Censier Heath and Security Committee". She was in charge of the "Médecine préventive" (for students) and "Médecine de prévention" (for civil servants) in the entire Paris metropolitan area. She simply kept her mouth shut, allowing hundred of thousand of students to be exposed. This behavior is typical of many administrative doctors, not just those who injected HIV-infected blood into peoples' veins.
But what's the use a warning an absolute refusal tenacity ? No one's listening !
The attorney for the Censier poisonners, Anne Willié, has earned her living for twelve and half years at the cost of human life through her complicity and greed. She knew about the 480 deadly fibers per liter of air that drifted through the builing during the August 1998 disaster when an attempt to clean up the utility department was badly botched. Fortunately, it was summer vacation, but the builing employers went about their jobs, having been told there was "no asbestos and no danger". She never mentioned any of this to the university. She also knew about the follow-up report of the expert Marcel Delporte on Novembre 23, 1998, warning that no one should open those comtaminated compartements without special precautions. She hid the dangers from everyone in order to defend an incompetent university president. Her title is "counselor", and she counsels well on how to cover up the truth. It's typical of the legal counsel we have in France.
This lawyer always mistook the person pointing the finger for what he was pointing at : an obvious danger. However she did make a point. There are two aspects of La Sorbonne Nouvelle : one that kills and endangers knowingly, and another that warns its insiders of danger and protects knowingly.
By some set of incredible circumstances and through ruthless intention, I have become the real defender of La Sorbonne Nouvelle, in charge of health, security, sanity, and the general welfare of its people. I consider my contribution a privilege. This is why I continue to spread the word, revealing tricks and lies along the way.
It is a tragedy to leave young people at the mercy of the Sorbonne administration under a
cultural decoy.
What France badly needs now are officials from other countries to put an end to this immoral, antisocial organized murder and evasion.
France has always been saved by it's artists. It really needs an injection of common sense and decent leadership to break the litany of conditionning that has prevailed :
Shut up and behave ...
Me first, forget the rest ...
I don't want to know about it ...
Keep on talking, but no one will listen ...
Mommy knows best ...
These hidden beleifs are commonly in play.
France badly needs a re-education, a breath of fresh air, a different way of viewing itself. Everyday citizens will have to take rresponsibility for all of this, since no official will act.
Young people are fleeting this museum for other countries. The rotten smell is becoming to intense with the door shut. Museum pieces like our current high officials can remain in the
museum, maintaining their accustomed silence and immobility.
No one from France will walk on the moon in a hundred years as the result of French effort. Unfortunately, they live "in the moon" (which in French means "out of touch").
Hypnotised by their intellects, the only tool they know and worship, they dont seem to realise life could be something entirely different. Young people who travel do see it. This old, stuck country could be as alife as little children - that is, no counting the 85 000 who already haved lead poisoning which causes irreversible brain damage in chidreen.
Human life has become meaningless. It's time to wake up and take a stand. It's time to say
"Non" to incompetence and murder. It is left to individuals to stand up and take responsibility.
It is time for ordinary people like you and me to tell the world. The autorities are sitting around
the dinner table like the gluttonous ministers in the Victor Hugo play Ruy Blas, feeding from the public trough. Bon appétit, Messieurs.
Genocide continues, and there is such lack of genuine education that no one even questions. The French keep asking for more of the same - the Franch Way. And so they get it.
July 20, 2004
November 20, 2010
Michel Langinieux

En réponse à l’agence japonaise de protection de l’environnement (ERCA), le Ministère de l’Environnement japonais a conduit un examen médical de patients souffrants de maladies liées à l’amiante.

Le rapport médical publié aujourd'hui, relate que 39 patients ont contracté une maladie due à l’amiante (32 mésothéliomes, plus connus sous le nom de « cancer de l’amiante », et 7 cancers des poumons) et que 2 personnes sont décédées des suites de l’exposition à ces matières minérales.

Au total, 1.033 personnes auraient contracté des maladies dues à l’amiante (820 mésothéliomes et 213 cancers des poumons) et 74 personnes seraient décédées (1 mésothéliome et 73 cancers des poumons)!

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